The One Habit You Want Your Kids To Have

Is it every parent’s dream that their kids make their own beds in the morning?

It’s shockingly not a habit only missing in kids.  Most adults would rather not – and often don’t – make their beds in the morning.

But does it even matter?

It seems so trivial and insignificant.  There are so many bigger things to do in life.  So it seems.

But believe it or not, there’s a funny quirk to this little habit:  Making your bed in the morning can be the secret factor to having an amazing day.

And for your kids, it’s one key habit that lays the foundation for all future good habits.

I know.  So dramatic.  But if there’s a chance this 2-minute habit can change your kid’s life, wouldn’t you want to try it out?

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Be The Lifeguard Of Your Health

Oh dear summer.  This is my second favorite season, because I can’t decide on a first.

Have you ever asked yourself this question:  Who’s in charge of my health?

We all know you’re in charge of your LIFE.  But if your health is the prerequisite to your life, then it seems kinda important to have someone be the boss of that.  Who are you giving that power to?

Please don’t say your doctor. I know it seems easier if someone else is responsible for your health.

But the thing is, your doctor doesn’t live with you every day.  She doesn’t eat with you or walk or run or pee or poop with you every day.  He doesn’t know when you’re feeling your best or your worst.

You, my friend, are the only person who knows your body best.  

So I want to give you a little nerd power today.

If you’re going to be your best body boss, you’ve got to know what to look out for.

I created a list of the key checks you want to know about for your health.  It’s a list of things to notice for yourself and things to get tested regularly with your doctor.

Here are the five top things to monitor as the lifeguard of your own health.

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The Most Important Drink Of Your Day

Imagine trekking through the hot Sahara desert for hours and hours.  A sweaty camel, a sweatier you.  And then you reach an oasis.

Are you going to take your camel through the local Starbucks drive-thru?

If you do, your camel would throw you off, as he or she should.

That’s how important your first morning drink is.  It’s the first thing your body craves after a figurative night through the desert.

That one thing your body’s craving is water.

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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

There’s one question I get asked a LOT:  How much sugar can I have per day?  Or, let me be clear… the kind of person who asks this question is maaaybe eating a lot of sugar, secretly hoping it’s fiiine, and just sort of casually asking, um, is there a limit…?

So, I’ll keep this super simple.

The American Heart Association (translation:  they know what they’re talking about) says that your maximum sugar intake per day should be:

FOR WOMEN = 6 teaspoons = 24 grams of sugar

FOR MEN = 9 teaspoons = 36 grams of sugar

Mmhmm.  Are you wondering how you’re doing with your daily sugar intake?

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