Shaping Up For The Beach, Or For Life?

It’s a little funny – this thing that happens every year – maybe you know it.  Beach body freak out.

Oh, it’s internal, for sure.  But it hits most of us around, like, right now.

Why is it always the month before we hit the beach that we suddenly wonder if we’ll fit into our bikini (or, if you’re a guy, of course, your favorite Speedo)?

I’m an eternal optimist.  I’m not going to be the one to tell you it’s impossible to whip into shape in a month.  Because I almost believe you can.

But I am going to be the one to cheer you on if you want to whip yourself into shape for life.

How powerful is that beach and that bikini that THEY make you want to mold your booty into something you can be proud of.  If only the beach and the bikini could be your constant companions, all year, every day. 

If there’s any confusion, I should get uber clear on what I’m saying here.

It’s NOT how your body LOOKS that I’m talking about.  It’s about what motivates you to take care of your body – for your body’s lifelong health and wellness.

So many people spend so much time and money and mental anguish on how they look.
But what really matters is how you FEEL.

Do you have energy and vitality?  Do you feel active and capable?  Do you feel strong and sexy?  Do you have that dewy healthy glow?

I’m going to step way over the line here, and say, the only way to feel that good is if you take good care of your body.  You’ll know when you are, and you’ll know when you aren’t.

You have to cherish the sanctuary that you were born with.  

If I could share one secret to help you care for your beautiful self – I’ll share two:

(1) Make it fun and (2) Be consistent

Whether it’s what you eat or how you workout, don’t just go through the motions.

Find recipes you love, do activities that make you happy, put a little passion in every thing you do.  And when you find what works for you, try to do it every day.

Try to exercise 30 – 45 minutes a day, and balance out what you do so that you listen to your body’s needs.  When you’re trying to eat healthy, don’t fret about the little things, and instead know that you’re creating habits for a lifetime.

Consistency is more important than constant freak out.

If it helps you all year to think about beaches and bikinis – if that’s what it takes to eat well and move your body every day – then use it – go with it!

If it’s going to take more than that, then… never pack away that bikini in winter, keep it out, put it on every week, dance your heart out in it, and ask yourself how amazing do you feel.

If you can go every week of the year feeling like the vibrant, gorgeous person you are, then you’ll not only be ready to take on that beach – you’ll be saying a big hearty YES to your life.

I’d love to hear what motivates you to stay healthy and fit all year round.

Or if you’re struggling to find that motivation, leave a comment below to share your most challenging obstacles.

Now, go love that warm sand under your feet…


PS.  If you were expecting something like ‘The Best Workouts for A Sexy Beach Body,’ my sincere apologies.

But I can offer links to my favorite fitness gurus:  Ashley Borden, Mandy Ingber, Justin Gelband.

To be honest, my all-time favorite is still the original “Buns of Steel” workout with Greg Smithey.
Those leg warmers.  The 80’s hair.  It’s a cult classic.  I’m addicted to it.

PSS.  I cannot take credit for the beautiful drawing above.
My sister bought it from a street vendor in New York, and the artist’s signature is truly illegible.  If anyone recognizes this artist and their genius work, please let me know – not only do I want to ask permission for using this piece, but I would love to recognize the artist publicly.

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