The Rebounder You Want To Be On

The other day I was bouncing 5 feet in the air and I had this thought…  everyone needs to try this.

It’s sooo 1980’s (my favorite decade).  Back then there was this thing called a mini-trampoline.  It collected dust in garages everywhere.  They probably all got donated or dumped and eventually became defunct.

Until voilá, the 21st century.  The rebounder was born.  Or, the mini-trampoline was reborn and given a new name.  Either way, it’s so good to have it back.

It WILL change your life.  Your body.  Your health.  All I have to do is convince you to get on one, and you won’t even care why it’s so good for you.

I can almost promise you’ll be addicted at first bounce.

But in case you want to know why rebounding can be your fountain of youth and beautiful glowing health, here are my favorite reasons.  That is, beyond knowing why Tigger was so happy all the time.


1.  Get your lymph moving

If there’s one good reason to exercise, it’s your heart.  Cute little muscle-machine that it is, you gotta give it a little love everyday.  Cardiovascular exercise does that – it gets your heart pumping, strengthens this precious organ, and gets your blood moving to supply oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

Funny thing.  Traveling right next to your blood vessels are vessels that carry lymph. Lymph is the fluid that essentially keeps your body “clean.”  Perhaps its most important job is to carry away all the “metabolic junk” from your organs after a regular day on the job.

The ordinary daily functions of your cells produce toxins – that’s just your normal junk load.  Then, on top of that, some of us add more toxins to our body through unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The only way to clean out this daily accumulation of toxins is to be sure lymph is properly pumped and moving through your body.  You don’t want your lymph to move slow and allow toxins to build up.

The minor glitch is that your lymphatic system doesn’t come with a pump the way your cardiovascular system does.  So guess what pumps the yucky-junk?  YOU.

It’s quite a bummer if you don’t move your butt once a day.  Regular exercise moves lymph a little.

But rebounding moves lymph A LOT.  The soft bounce force you experience on the rebounder is a perfect pump for your lazy lymphatic system.  It’s the best way to get these channels flowing.

The result is less toxic build-up in your body and decreased risk of diseases that can be caused by toxic build-up:  cancer, degenerative, and autoimmune diseases.

2.  Save your joints

Gravity is your friend, actually.  It’s the reason why weight-bearing exercises strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis.   But you don’t have to go extreme – one of the best ways to build your bones is simple walking.

But so many people just can’t stop there.  And the natural consequence is damage to your joints.  There’s a reason it’s called wear and tear.

Rebounding is a miracle in this category.  The bounce actually increases your gravitational load, which super strengths your muscles and bones.  But the soft surface you bounce on saves your joints from the damage you can get from rigorous exercises on hard impact surfaces.

3.  Work your heart out

So one day I take my favorite cute little cousin to the beach and we bring the rebounder.  We get there, take it out, and she asks me what I do on it.  So I tell her I exercise on it, as I nimbly exhibit my jumps.

And she says, “Oh.  Well, my mommy actually does real exercise, not that.”


So, every time someone sees my rebounder and thinks it’s just silly fun, I tell them to get on it and bounce a little.  Every time, no fail, in just a few minutes, they stop talking.  Because they’re breathing.  Hard.  And they’re sweating.  And then they get off, because they think, oh, I wasn’t planning on exercising right now.


Point is.  This thing makes you WORK.  It makes your heart PUMP.  It makes your lungs BREATHE.

Rebounding circulates blood efficiently, getting oxygen to your cells readily.  It expands your lung capacity.  It decreases your blood pressure.  It improves your resting heart rate.  It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

4.  Say goodbye to cellulite

I wish I can explain exactly why rebounding rids you of cellulite.  But I’m kinda wondering – do you care why, or just that it does this?

But really, it’s partly because your body converts a lot of fat into muscle on the rebounder.  And partly because you’re moving toxins out, and cellulite is just collections of fat that house toxins.  So bye bye to both is nice.

You’ll be bouncing, but you’ll definitely lose your jiggle.

5.  End all your lazy excuses to exercise

My personal favorite reasons to get a rebounder:  it’s easy and it’s fast.

Studies have shown that 20 minutes on a rebounder are equivalent to an hour running or jogging.  Meaning, the heart and lung and muscular benefits are equal, as measured by increases in mitochondrial growth in those cells, which directly determines your endurance.

TWENTY minutes.  20.  Twenty.  How many 20 minutes do you waste each day?  All you need is one of those 20 minute bits and you can get in an amazing workout.

And a rebounder can fit in ANY living situation.  It’s small, light, so simple.

It can cost $40, all the way up to $400.  Mine is the $40 one and apparently I love it.  But I’m only getting 5 feet of air in my bounce.  Who knows what the $400 can do.  One day.

And the BEST lazy thing about it?  Find a flat surface (super hard to do, right?).  And bounce.  No gym fees.  No rainy day excuse for not taking that walk.

6.  Release your inner Tigger

Only yours truly will use a Winnie the Pooh reference.  But you know Tigger, right?

Eternal sunshine and happiness and warm positive vibes.  Comes with an internal giggle.

Your first bounce on a rebounder will make you laugh.  If it doesn’t, something’s wrong (with you?).

Eventually your inner carefree child that you’ve been hiding for years will come out.

There’s nothing like feeling like you can fly, with that giggle tickle in your belly.

If you give it a try and experience ANY of the benefits above, I’d love to hear from you.

PS.  A hearty thanks to the amazing Kelli Lundy for her super-patient fab photo skills, as I bounced like a crazy girl on the beach!  😉


  1. Avatar

    sandra L.

    I have a Needak, soft bounce rebounder. Haven’t doen much in the past few years but I’m 72 this year and retired. I met Al Carter the Rebounder GURU in 1991. And read his two books on rebounding. WONDERFUL and I’m back at it. gotta lose 50 lbs and am on the Engive 2 diet. WONDERFUL AS WELL. Keep on jumping.

    • Mishan


      That’s wonderful Sandra! Congrats on the rebounding success 🙂

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