The Most Important Drink Of Your Day

Imagine trekking through the hot Sahara desert for hours and hours.  A sweaty camel, a sweatier you.  And then you reach an oasis.

Are you going to take your camel through the local Starbucks drive-thru?

If you do, your camel would throw you off, as he or she should.

That’s how important your first morning drink is.  It’s the first thing your body craves after a figurative night through the desert.

That one thing your body’s craving is water.


Your cells are very thirsty after a night at the detox party.

These guys are cleaning out the trash left over from your body’s normal daily functions.  And they work at night, while you’re sleeping.  They use water to help clear out basic toxins.

Also, at night, you’ve gone a lot of hours without eating or drinking, so your gut needs a little lubing up to help get things moist and moving.

And your skin!  A good chunk of toxins are released through your skin because your skin is almost your biggest detoxifying organ.  It does this by perspiring out toxins and water.  So the first thing your skin wants is to replenish all the water it’s lost.

Ideally, you’d want to drink 1-2 glasses (a mug-full) of filtered, non-tap water, either room temperature or warmer, with a squeeze of lemon, before you drink or eat anything else.


Well.  Hmm.   So, yes, coffee technically has water in it.  But it’s main active ingredient is caffeine, which is a diuretic.  That’s lingo for makes-you-pee.

You pee, you lose water.

Caffeine actually draws the water OUT of your cells.  Kinda the opposite direction that you need.


Have you ever ran a mile and then… went all day without drinking water?  Uck.

It sounds so – what’s the word – dry.  That’s how your body feels all day when it doesn’t rehydrate after its night detox marathon.

If there’s one thing you can do to begin feeling healthy, it’s this morning drink of H2O.

You’ll have energy and vitality.  You’ll poop better (there, I said it).  Your skin will plump up.  Your metabolism will be rockin’.  That’s a pretty good way to start your day.

PS, the squeeze of lemon gives your liver a boost in cleaning up toxins and revving up metabolism.

So there we are.  Something to think about while sipping your morning cup o’ water. 😉

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