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The Only “Diet” That’s Proven To Work

It’s February already.  Are you still on your new year’s resolution diet?  Probably not, hmm?

Well, good!  Because I’ve just conducted a very scientific experiment on a new diet.  The results are in and I had to share.

See, I’ve had a consistent problem my whole life with food.  Namely, eating everything in sight.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE food.

I just have a slight discipline problem:  I can’t say no to certain foods.

Do you have the same problem?

For me, the temptations generally come in pink boxes (aka donuts) or all things circular. Think cookies.

So, here’s what happened, and how I discovered the only “diet” that works.

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How Deep Breathing Detoxifies Your Body

Do you ever have those days when you stop and wonder… did I breathe today?

It’s a relief that your brain controls your breathing for you.  It would be a bummer if it didn’t.

But what if regular breathing isn’t enough?

During your normal daily activities, you’re only using about half of your lungs’ capacity.
And you seem to feel fine, right?

The thing is, your body is built with a healing system that gets turned on with deep breathing.  

The bad thing is, most of us never use it.

If you want to turn on your internal healing powers, this post is for you.

This one exercise is the easiest thing you can do to start naturally detoxifying your body today.
And feel better than OK.  Feel pretty awesome, actually.

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The One Habit You Want Your Kids To Have

Is it every parent’s dream that their kids make their own beds in the morning?

It’s shockingly not a habit only missing in kids.  Most adults would rather not – and often don’t – make their beds in the morning.

But does it even matter?

It seems so trivial and insignificant.  There are so many bigger things to do in life.  So it seems.

But believe it or not, there’s a funny quirk to this little habit:  Making your bed in the morning can be the secret factor to having an amazing day.

And for your kids, it’s one key habit that lays the foundation for all future good habits.

I know.  So dramatic.  But if there’s a chance this 2-minute habit can change your kid’s life, wouldn’t you want to try it out?

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Give Your Body A Little Rest

I’m always struggling with some invisible force this time of year.  Something between the end of summer blues and that rough landing into the start of winter.

But I loooove Fall.  I love crisp pumpkin farm air.

Recently – like for the last 20 years – unbeknownst to me, my body was quietly unbalancing itself.  Subtle mysterious little nudges of “hello, we need help” came and went.  And I usually ignored them.  Until two years ago, precisely on my birthday, I lost all strength and feeling in one arm and I could barely make it up a flight of stairs.

It wasn’t my best birthday.

Two years later.  It wasn’t a stroke, or a pinched nerve, or scoliosis.  It wasn’t what any western doctor claimed it to be.

It was the end result of an imbalance of key organ systems that normally function in harmony.  A balance quite delicate that the smallest transgressions can send some of us into detour.

Ignoring my diet and sleep and health since high school started my imbalance.  Everyone has some trigger.  My imbalance existed long before I started being healthy, and being healthy wasn’t enough to turn it around.

I had a lot to learn about how to heal my body.  And I’m sharing this to help you heal yours.

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