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Do You Know How Precious You Are?

I did not dare ask for permission to take this photo.

My first attempts were dealt a heart-crushing ‘no!’  So I discreetly snapped what I could get away with.  You probably couldn’t handle the rest anyway.

Not that that has anything to do with I intend to write about.

I recently had to dust off my brain and brush up on some science from my very distant long-lost-in-space past.  Like, high school biology, past.  Don’t ask.

So I skimmed through old textbooks.  Hit the refresh button.  Thought the rusty memory banks would just refill right up.  Um.  Nope.  That, did not happen.

But something so refreshing did:  I found myself in renewed awe at the beauty of the single living cell.

The cell is the simplest organism you learn about on page one, day one, biology 101.  I knew this little guy as if I lived in its mini universe.  And yet I almost forgot how awesome is the little cell.

I wish you knew.  I wish you knew just how beautifully and brilliantly yet delicately designed your every single cell is.  I wish you could see how this little being does SO much, for you to be able to do SO much.  Because if only you knew, you might just live your entire life differently.

You might just care for yourself differently.  You might eat and drink and move and work and sleep and think differently, because you’d know just how precious you are.

Here are the three big healthy life lessons your cells could teach you if you’re willing to listen to them.

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How Much Do You Love Your Kitchen?

My favorite kitchen of all time was the tiniest I’ve ever seen, in the smallest studio I’d ever rented.

Two inches of countertop on either side of the sink, and one cabinet.  Yes, one.  So odd, because the minute I saw the sweet space, I yelped out “I’ll take it!”

But when I first used my cute little kitchen, it was a challenge.  So I grabbed my drill (of course), and I “upgraded” it, or so I told my landlord.

I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home.  It’s not just where you cook or eat – it’s where your family and friends gather to share their day and their lives.

I also have a theory that how you feel about your kitchen is a reflection on how you view your personal wellness.  Your kitchen can be vital in helping you make every day healthy.  What you store and stock and supply in your kitchen determines how easy it will be to stay on your get-healthy game.

So here’s my question for you – are you showing your kitchen a little love?  And by that, I mean – are you showing your health a whole lot of love?

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The Safest Sunblock For Your Skin

I’m convinced that it’s ok to love the sun because without it, we wouldn’t even be here.  Or be tan.

I might date myself to admit this – but I grew up before we all started freaking out about sunblock.  And yes, I regret it.

Not those blissful summer days on the beach or at the pool – that was nothing.  But three years on the girls’ high school tennis team, with four hours a day of sweat and sun and no sunblock will be forever etched in my skin.

Now there are thousands of sunscreens to choose from.  It’s SO confusing trying to pick out the right one.  A decade ago I’d say the right one was the one that smelled like coconuts and Hawaii.

But today I’d say there’s only one truly good sunscreen – or more specifically, sunscreen ingredient – that will protect your skin and  be safe for you.

And it can still smell like coconuts if you like.  😉

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The Only Day To Begin

… is today.

I have a hunch you may know this thought all too well:
The one where your brain thinks that today, this week, this month… is maybe not going so well, in one or more areas of your life.  And – thankfully (hopefully!) – some part of your brain says, let’s change that.

It’s a salvation mechanism you should be grateful for, because without it, nothing would get better.

The funny thing is how this yearning for change is awakened at certain random times of the year.  The beginning, the spring, your birthday, the end.  And that’s OK.

I say take your wake up call whenever you can get it!

But most of us do an even funnier thing in our minds.  We convince ourselves there is a perfect time or day to start this change… like, a Monday, or the first day of a new month.

OR, how about the day AFTER I indulge myself.  The next morning would be perfect.

Forget about it.  It’s not tomorrow.  It’s just right now.

The moment you decide that you are kind of maybe possibly yes definitely interested in making a healthy change for yourself, then the time to start that change is today.  Even if today is a Tuesday.

Once you decide you’re ready, that’s the time to start.

The key to making your change happen is to adopt a new way of seeing your day.  Give yourself a new modus operandi for how you go about EACH day.

Instead of waiting for that perfect day, pretend (yes, pretend) you’ve always had this M.O.

Imagine that you’re the kind of person who always (fill in the blank: works out every morning, eats well for your health, meditates, whatever you desire).

So, today you’re simply continuing to be the person you’ve already decided to be.

Choosing some good change in your life is not a whole lot different than choosing to brush your teeth today.  You’ve done it everyday since you can remember, and there’s probably nothing stopping you from doing it today, again.

Once you decide you want this new good thing in your life, accept it as a part of who you are and get comfy with it.  It’s like you just cut yourself a key to some door, and the key actually works, right now.  So enter and settle in, because this door you just unlocked opens up a whole new, very liberating world.

That decision you made to change in the first place… that is your key.

But, please be kind to yourself.  Don’t judge any of your past decisions as bad ones.  Just accept them as past decisions, and think about what decision you’re making in the current moment.

And don’t – please don’t – think about the next moment as the one where you’ll make the right decision, because that next moment is not here yet.  Just focus on the one right now..

I know so many people who say out loud, “I’m going to get healthy next year!”  Greeaat.  Lucky for next year.  This year is going to be super jealous.

The truth is, you can make TODAY healthy and good.  It’s just a decision. 

Making the decision is the hardest part.  What happens after that is really not that hard.  And in case it’s not all that easy, I’m here to help you.

I’d love to know… is there anything you’ve been waiting to try that you think you can start today?  Leave me a comment and share your inspirations.