The Rebounder You Want To Be On

The other day I was bouncing 5 feet in the air and I had this thought…  everyone needs to try this.

It’s sooo 1980’s (my favorite decade).  Back then there was this thing called a mini-trampoline.  It collected dust in garages everywhere.  They probably all got donated or dumped and eventually became defunct.

Until voilá, the 21st century.  The rebounder was born.  Or, the mini-trampoline was reborn and given a new name.  Either way, it’s so good to have it back.

It WILL change your life.  Your body.  Your health.  All I have to do is convince you to get on one, and you won’t even care why it’s so good for you.

I can almost promise you’ll be addicted at first bounce.

But in case you want to know why rebounding can be your fountain of youth and beautiful glowing health, here are my favorite reasons.  That is, beyond knowing why Tigger was so happy all the time.

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A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Working Out

I probably should not admit this in public, but..  I’m the laziest person I know.

I might put on a really good anti-lazy act.  But here’s the thing.  I love  comfy sofas and movie marathons.  I love  lazy football Sundays and sleepy basks in the sun.  I can eat Cookie Crisp cereal all day long.  This is my truth, and I know it.  But therein lies my secret…

Secret #1:  I know I’m lazy.

Secret #2:  I lovingly accept that I’m lazy.

Translation:  Instead of being mean to myself and feeling guilty about being lazy, I embrace my laziness.  I dare say it’s the one of my best qualities.  Completely ironic, yes.  But if you give me a chance, I’ll show you how your laziness can do you a world of good.

I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to say you’re lazy.  I’m sure you’re not.

It’s entirely possible that you have really good excuses:  no time, too much work, the kids, life.  I know.

But if there’s a minuscule chance you’re like me and you’re just, um, lazy… I’ve written this post, from my lazy soul to yours, to help you use your laziness to overcome any excuse to exercise.

Here’s your fail-proof guide to working out.

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Shaping Up For The Beach, Or For Life?

It’s a little funny – this thing that happens every year – maybe you know it.  Beach body freak out.

Oh, it’s internal, for sure.  But it hits most of us around, like, right now.

Why is it always the month before we hit the beach that we suddenly wonder if we’ll fit into our bikini (or, if you’re a guy, of course, your favorite Speedo)?

I’m an eternal optimist.  I’m not going to be the one to tell you it’s impossible to whip into shape in a month.  Because I almost believe you can.

But I am going to be the one to cheer you on if you want to whip yourself into shape for life.

How powerful is that beach and that bikini that THEY make you want to mold your booty into something you can be proud of.  If only the beach and the bikini could be your constant companions, all year, every day.  Continue reading

How A Walk Can Change Your Life

A 26 degree winter night is freezing to me.  But that’s just me.

These winter days I’m really missing the warm sun and leg-warmer-free mornings.  I have a walking addiction, and I can thank one life-changing summer for that.

It was the summer of freshman year in college.  Bye bye dorm food, hello yummy home cooking.  Every evening after dinner my mom and I would sneaker up and hit the walking path near our house.

Some days I rocked it out a bit – roller skating in circles around my mom, or jumping rope in pace with her cute brisk strides.

I thought nothing of it.  It was pure summer bliss.

And then I got back to school.  First day of class, I walk into organic chemistry lab, and my friend says “Oh!  That was you!”  He explains – to my bewildered look – “I saw you crossing the street, but you lost so much weight I didn’t recognize you!”

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