Eat Flax The Right Way, Or Not At All

Hello Flax.  Meet Herbie.  Your new BFF.

If you don’t yet use flax seeds regularly, you might want to start.  Like, right now.  These teeny little seeds seem so inconspicuous.  But each seed packs in a mighty hefty nutrient punch.

By many definitions, flax seeds are a super food.  Super = full of really good omega-3 fatty acids.  Super = full of healthy nutrients that your body needs to make nice new cells, lower cholesterol, lubricate your intestines, build immunity, and ward off cancers.

And flax is a really good source of fiber.

So it’s a perfect addition to a healthy hearty meal.  But how do you eat it?

You might have heard the best way is to eat them as raw ground flax seeds.  And you’re right.  But maybe you, like me, have been buying packages of pre-ground flax seeds until now.

Until now, because I’m here to tell you to never do that again.  Eating pre-ground flax can actually do more harm than good.  But there’s one simple solution that will save you and your flax seeds, too.

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Why You Should Never Diet Again

I finally figured out my least favorite word.  Diet.

It’s that time of year when you hear this word SO much.  Everyone’s searching for one (the best one!), starting one, starving on one, not finishing one, giving up one.  It’ll all be over in a couple weeks, give and take.

There could be a whole dictionary filled with just the names of all the diets that ever existed.

The two reasons I dislike the word and the concept so much are this.  One, I personally love food too much, so any sort of food deprivation is beyond my realm of possibility.  But, two, and much more important, it leads to guaranteed failure.

Yeah, what??  Here’s the thing about this dirty little word “diet.”  As soon as you go on a diet and become a “dieter,” you are setting yourself up to fail – not just with your diet, but with your goal of losing weight and your goal of being healthy.

Why?  Because it’s scientifically proven.  Psychologically scientifically.  The science is so fascinating and compelling, I’m inspired to share it.  I’m only the messenger.

But just imagine… how wonderful could your life be if you never had to diet again.

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The Best Natural Antibiotic On Earth

This is it.  This little turnip holds the remedy to your winter sniffles, sore throats, coughs and colds.

It’s not folklore or voodoo.  It’s just simple science.  And it just happens to come packaged as a cute, inconspicuous root bulb that you’ll pass by at the farmers’ market and not blink twice.

The seriously cold winter countries around the world know the healing powers of the turnip very well.  And it’s not a coincidence that it grows in the colder seasons – Mother Earth knows exactly when to supply us with the food we need.

Turnips are nature’s best version of an antibiotic.  Here’s how wonderfully healing the turnip is.

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Salsa Makes You Wanna Cha Cha

At a recent summer party, I noticed myself eating way more than anyone else.

Curious about my lack of propriety and discipline in front of others, I wondered why my stop-meter failed to kick in.  After a mini self-reflection, I decided it wasn’t my fault, not in the least.  It was all my dear friend Asieh’s fault.  And she knows exactly why she’s to blame.

Lovingly loyal friend, mom extraordinaire of two gorgeous daughters, super smart international news anchor, always fabulously fit… and she makes the best salads in the world.  Her salads are a serious problem for me.

Every time I have dinner with her and her family, she’d make a huge salad and something (also yummy, but this post isn’t about that).  It’s so hard for me to NOT eat the entire bowl all by myself.  Bye bye social etiquette, hello salad piggy.

I’ve begged her to write a salad recipe book.  I’m still waiting for it.

But there’s ONE dish she gave me permission to share with you.  I call it “salsa makes you wanna cha cha” salsa.  Because that’s exactly what it makes you wanna do when you eat it.

A little more cha cha in your life can only be a good thing, right?
Here it is – the cause of my sheer lack of self control.

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