Health Coaching

This is a really good time to get healthy.

By that, I mean, now.  NOW is a really good time to decide that you want good health.

You might be here because you’ve had a health scare and your doctor said you need to make a change.  You might just not feel good in general, and you’re sick of not feeling good.

I’m a huge believer in feeling good and strong and beautiful.  Because it’s in your power to have that.

So here are a few ways I can help you tap into this power.



If you’re ready to make a positive change in your health and life, but you have no idea where to start, this is the best option.

We focus on YOU:  Your current health.  Your health goals.  Your lifestyle goals.

I create a personal plan for you and coach you through every step, which often includes:

 kitchen time →  what foods you want in your home and what to keep out
grocery time →  how to shop and diversify your foods
planning time →  setting goals and scheduling around your real life
exploring time →  improving the other parts of your life that will bring you wellness

I use all these opportunities to teach you how your body works and what it thrives on.
Most of my clients say they only want to know WHAT to do, but in the end, they feel more empowered knowing WHY they’re doing it.

As your personal coach, I’m here to teach you and support you every step of the way.
Together we’ll tap into your personal reasons for making change so that you create a healthy lifestyle that will last.

But I’m only here for you if you really WANT to get healthy.  That’s my only ask of you.

If we don’t live near each other, I do long-distance health coaching using FaceTime or Skype.

To find out how to get started, contact me here or email

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Sometimes it’s more fun to include your friends in your health journey.

If you have a friend or two (or more!) who share your passion and commitment to getting healthy, this is a wonderful option to explore.

Often we can do a lot of the core lessons as a group, with the added benefit of having:
(1) more questions that come up from different health experiences
(2) more accountability partners

If you’re a group ready to get started, contact me here or email

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Sometimes – sometimes – you want a complete revolution.  You want it all, and you want it now.

If that’s you, this option is it.

This is where we take the nutrition part and kick it up a few notches by adding fitness training.
The idea is to set goals for more immediate impact and create habits that will get you results fast, but with the goal to get you addicted to the healthy high you’ll feel after a week or two of turning your life around.

It’s high intensity and high expectation, but fun all around.
This is great for a time when you have a week free to focus just on YOU and your health.

If you’re in boot camp mode, contact me here or email

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I start with a free 60 minute consultation so I can learn about your current health and goals.

When we meet, I’ll discuss a personalized plan focused on your goals, and I’ll be able to offer different meeting and pricing options based on your needs and schedule.