The Most Important Drink Of Your Day

Imagine trekking through the hot Sahara desert for hours and hours.  A sweaty camel, a sweatier you.  And then you reach an oasis.

Are you going to take your camel through the local Starbucks drive-thru?

If you do, your camel would throw you off, as he or she should.

That’s how important your first morning drink is.  It’s the first thing your body craves after a figurative night through the desert.

That one thing your body’s craving is water.

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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

There’s one question I get asked a LOT:  How much sugar can I have per day?  Or, let me be clear… the kind of person who asks this question is maaaybe eating a lot of sugar, secretly hoping it’s fiiine, and just sort of casually asking, um, is there a limit…?

So, I’ll keep this super simple.

The American Heart Association (translation:  they know what they’re talking about) says that your maximum sugar intake per day should be:

FOR WOMEN = 6 teaspoons = 24 grams of sugar

FOR MEN = 9 teaspoons = 36 grams of sugar

Mmhmm.  Are you wondering how you’re doing with your daily sugar intake?

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Eat Flax The Right Way, Or Not At All

Hello Flax.  Meet Herbie.  Your new BFF.

If you don’t yet use flax seeds regularly, you might want to start.  Like, right now.  These teeny little seeds seem so inconspicuous.  But each seed packs in a mighty hefty nutrient punch.

By many definitions, flax seeds are a super food.  Super = full of really good omega-3 fatty acids.  Super = full of healthy nutrients that your body needs to make nice new cells, lower cholesterol, lubricate your intestines, build immunity, and ward off cancers.

And flax is a really good source of fiber.

So it’s a perfect addition to a healthy hearty meal.  But how do you eat it?

You might have heard the best way is to eat them as raw ground flax seeds.  And you’re right.  But maybe you, like me, have been buying packages of pre-ground flax seeds until now.

Until now, because I’m here to tell you to never do that again.  Eating pre-ground flax can actually do more harm than good.  But there’s one simple solution that will save you and your flax seeds, too.

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The Rebounder You Want To Be On

The other day I was bouncing 5 feet in the air and I had this thought…  everyone needs to try this.

It’s sooo 1980’s (my favorite decade).  Back then there was this thing called a mini-trampoline.  It collected dust in garages everywhere.  They probably all got donated or dumped and eventually became defunct.

Until voilá, the 21st century.  The rebounder was born.  Or, the mini-trampoline was reborn and given a new name.  Either way, it’s so good to have it back.

It WILL change your life.  Your body.  Your health.  All I have to do is convince you to get on one, and you won’t even care why it’s so good for you.

I can almost promise you’ll be addicted at first bounce.

But in case you want to know why rebounding can be your fountain of youth and beautiful glowing health, here are my favorite reasons.  That is, beyond knowing why Tigger was so happy all the time.

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