practicing gratitude


practicing gratitude


If you’re here, maybe it’s because you share this belief with me:  Your body is a sanctuary.

True and complete wellness comes when you accept that you’ve been given a gift – your body and your life – and if you cherish it, it will take care of you and take you to amazing places.

This journey isn’t just about what you eat.  It’s about bringing this awareness to everything you do.

The simplest way to start your path to wellness is to get really clear on all the things you love in your life and are grateful for.

I know.  So many people tout gratitude as a treasure.  (That’s because it is.)  But how often do we truly practice it?

I created this space to inspire you to look up and see what’s so awesome in your life. You might be surprised.  There’s so much to be grateful for, if you’re looking for it.


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I’ve had moments on quiet evening walks when I pass someone’s home, and their window or front door says, come in and rest your soul.  There’s life emanating from that home.
I am so in love with the idea of home.  Having one is the purest form of joy.


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I’ve made myself a home in so many cities, each with a recurring theme:  very small and super cozy.
I love kitchens SO much.  Probably because I love food and cooking and having friends over.
Give your kitchen a little love and you’ll receive infinite goodness in return.


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Spaces around you can make you happy (or not).  I used to move a lot, and my friends would wonder why I put any effort to make my home comfy.  ????  Because it’s home.  I’m living in it.  It better be comfy.  Where else on Earth can you be comfy?  I can’t tell you how many nights I’d come home after a tough day at work, and walked into this warm happy space and everything felt right again.

Do you have that space in your home that’s only for you… your home sanctuary?
The place you unwind, or lay your head to rest, or let yourself dream.


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It’s so simple – what makes comfort.
I like to start with the end feeling in mind:  How amazing would I feel if my day went like this…

After a long day’s work – using your brain, moving your body, getting things done – there’s that moment when you surrender to your bed, slip under the covers, and feel like, ‘I’ve had my day.’
That’s the end feeling.

You know what started it?  The moment I made my bed in the morning.
I like to make my bed with the intention that today is going to be awesome.




Take time to create a hearty space around you.  Wherever you are, make it a place you call home. Make it a space you can create your life in.  A space that you enjoy sharing with the people you love.  Invite anything and anyone that gives you peace and comfort and joy.

bathroom combo


Sometimes you just need that place to escape – like a cozy tub for a hot bath.  Always – always – you need a way to take care of yourself.  It’s not selfish to put yourself first.  When you are strong and healthy, you are empowered to care for others fully and share your very special gifts with the world.
The world needs you to 
take good care of yourself.  


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You are here to bring beautiful things into the world.  Your adventure is right here waiting for you.
Open your heart to the endless possibilities on your path and embrace them with a hundred thousand welcomes.